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Erika Everett

Erika Everett

Former Administrative Assistant

Over the last 8 years, Erika has been the core of Pinedo Financial Services. As a former Administrative Professional, she oversaw client services, administrative duties, directing communications between clients and the team as well as organizing schedules and events.

We take this opportunity to thank Erika for all the years she has been working with us. It was a privilege to work with her and her work ethic and proactive attitude were an example to us all. She will be missed!

Erika has lived in the central valley all of her life. She enjoys traveling, baking, NFL football, and going to rock concerts. She and her son have a passion for Pit Bulls and work with local rescues to help find homes for shelter animals. Erika has a wonderful pit bull named Stanlee. She tries to bring awareness to others on this breed of dog as they are truly a wonderful breed and very misunderstood.